неделя, 21 октомври 2007 г.

found on the walls of pompeus

Drowned Pompeus

Welcome to our underwater tour.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
Then be quiet for a while.
Listen to the water buzzing.
This was a city long time ago.
Have some respect for it’s past.
Take a notice of the floating cars, but you’d better not look at the faces inside.-what is that missus?-this? This is a tram. Now, every one of you can put a scafander on. Take a walk in reality. Or more like a swim. Hahaha (fake) Please, do not touch the exponates. They have never been touched even in their lives. (Breathing)-uh…and this is how the silence came forever. They have been warned. They refused to move. But progress is worth anything. (Naah… that’s a fish. Absolutely usual)And now please take a notice of this building- marinologists say it was a school. It has all sorts of writings on the walls. Supposedly that’s how they learnt to read. Unfortunately we don’t know their language yet.Please, do not touch the exponates. They’ve never been touched in their whole lives. We still don’t know if they can survive that. Yeees like today. Everyone has their own scafander. Their eyes? Oh there are just like that. Like fish’s eyes. Soaked with water. Uhh… salt. Yes, and salt.This is a trash bin. We do not use them anymore. Do we? Hahaha (fake)We have another world now. The ice is still melting. Stepping on the ground? They say it’s confusing, it does not swing.-Oh this?This is a tree. They used to grow them all around… Used them for oxygen production. They did not have enough algae I guess. Or may be had too much empty space. We do not have empty space any more. Only out of the cities – endless blueBut we do have trees in certain biological museums. Ok, group now time to gather in the bus. On the left is the place, where they used to decide on social issues. It's still unclear how they actually did it, but we have pictures. The square in the middle must have been green. That’s how they drew it. Representatives of groups went down to it. They said something through symbolic actions. Crowds screamed. And who got the most of the applause for his political plans won. We still don’t know what the actions symbolized. There was kicking of a ball and running around for sure. Anthropologists still strive to find the meanings. Lots of things uncertain as usual.Their system proved weak, anyway. Otherwise they would have swam up during the flood, as the pioneers of or civilization did. They? They just didn’t believe. Decided to ignore the news. They should have remembered the first time. As we did.Though we didn’t build Noah’s cask again. We had better technology. They have been warned. They refused to believe. Ice was melting, rapidly. The process still goes on, not that fast of course. Time to go up. Fasten your seatbelts. Turn pressure adaptors to one. Thank you for the attention. I’ll be glad to see you again. The next tour is going to explore the secrets of an ancient theatres. They actually called them clubs…still has a stage, though (fading out…)

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